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for the Buyer

Edict Systems has connected, integrated, and automated the management of e-Business trading communities for many companies. These organizations have looked to Edict Systems to provide rapid deployment and nearly immediate ROI from their
e-Business trading initiatives.
for the Supplier

Edict Systems provides a comprehensive suite of e-Business solutions which gives suppliers of all sizes the ability to connect, integrate, and automate the management of their document transactions in a manner that fits their unique business needs.
Make Connections
Are you new to EDI and need to support a customer request to connect electronically? Are you looking to increase your return on existing EDI investments? Edict Systems has a suite of internet-based solutions suited to your business needs.
Get Integrated
By integrating data directly with business applications, you can reduce labor costs and transaction processing errors.
Manage Communities
We have the solutions to enable our customers to effectively manage large trading communities and extend the value of existing EDI capabilities.
Expand EDI Transaction Volumes
Do you want to quickly and cost-effectively increase the number of participants in your trading community?
Our hosted validation solution provides an external business rule engine to assure that data integrity is maintained.

EnterpriseEC® is a service of Edict Systems, Inc. which has been in the business of providing B2B Electronic Commerce solutions since 1990.  
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