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Increasing the value of e-Business is the primary goal of our integration software and services.

Our Hosted Data Translation (HDT) solutions help you reduce labor costs by eliminating manual re-keying, reducing transaction processing errors, and integrating data directly into your business application.

Hosted Data Translation provides an outsourced any-to-any data mapping service that lets our customers focus on their business, not EDI issues. When a trading partner changes its EDI requirements, our experienced team of experts takes care of ensuring that all necessary changes are handled in a timely manner.

Used in conjunction with EnterpriseEC® and ValidateEC, Hosted Data Translation provides an optimal solution for alleviating the cost and time associated with managing EDI in-house.

Please call us at (800) 443-3428 or e-mail for more information on how we can help you.

EnterpriseEC® is a service of Edict Systems, Inc. which has been in the business of providing B2B Electronic Commerce solutions since 1990.  
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