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EnterpriseEC® provides a suite of connectivity solutions to meet your business needs. Our network services can help you simplify connecting to your trading partners, regardless of their connectivity requirements.

Network Services
Value-Added Networks (VANs)
For Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), data has traditionally been sent and received using proprietary, private networks. These networks, known as Value-Added Networks (VANs), provide e-Business trading communities with a secure, store-and-forward method of conducting Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce.

VANs have been the workhorse of EDI since its inception and are still responsible for a large volume of EDI connections. One of the major benefits of using a traditional Value-Added Network is that all major VANs interconnect with one another. This allows a customer of one VAN to exchange data with business partners on other VANs without requiring accounts on multiple networks.

While traditional VAN services are typically more expensive than newer internet-based technologies, there are applications where VAN services are ideal. Because VANs operate their own private network, they can offer a high level of service where guaranteed timely delivery of data is a priority.

Edict Systems is able to offer both traditional VAN services, as well as internet-based VAN services.

Electronic Trading Networks (ETN)
Many organizations that have historically used VAN services are now leveraging the Internet as a platform to cost-effectively conduct EDI with customers, suppliers, and other business partners. They are finding that in addition to lowering the cost of EDI, the Internet offers increased control and visibility of EDI relationships.

An ETN is an outsourced connectivity option that utilizes the Internet as the communications infrastructure. While many ETNs mimic traditional Value-Added Networks, our EnterpriseEC platform extends the value of outsourced connectivity to include Trading Community Management and Document Management capabilities via a web-based interface.

EnterpriseEC is ideal for companies who want to outsource connectivity to their trading partners, extend the value of e-Business document access within their organization, and reduce the cost of traditional VAN services.

Connection Options
Connecting to EnterpriseEC is fast, flexible, and easy. Existing in-house systems require little or no change to leverage the benefits of EnterpriseEC.

Regardless of how a company wants to connect to EnterpriseEC, or the myriad of ways its business partners prefer to send and receive data, EnterpriseEC eliminates the complexity of supporting and managing multiple connectivity methods.

Customers connect to EnterpriseEC the way they want, and EnterpriseEC handles connecting to all of their trading partners.

EnterpriseEC supports common internet-based communications protocols as well as other non-Internet protocols.

AS2 is a standards-based technology that allows trading community participants to connect with business partners via the Internet in a secure peer-to-peer environment. This is ideal for companies who transact high volumes of data and who have internal resources available to manage trading community connectivity.

Edict Systems offers AS2 solutions for large enterprises with many trading partners, to limited individual connections as needed to support the AS2 requirements of certain trading partners.

Another connection option available to our customers is using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). For those who need it, Edict Systems provides our free FTP connection software.

This software provides an economical way to connect to EnterpriseEC using the Internet. Built-in features to manage and automate sending and receiving data provide optimal communications visibility and ease-of-use. The only requirement is a Windows-based system and a connection to the Internet.

Different Needs - Different Solutions
We realize that no one solution is optimal for everyone. That is why we offer these and other connectivity solutions and the expertise to help our customers decide which is best for them, including blended solutions that maximize the unique benefits of each technology into the right solution for our customers.

Please call us at (800) 443-3428 or e-mail for more information on how we can help you.

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