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EnterpriseEC® uses the Internet to provide unparalleled benefits for conducting e-Business.

Some of the proven benefits of e-Business include:
  • Rapid transfer of business documents
  • No mail delays or busy fax machines
  • Elimination of lost paperwork
  • Reduced administrative phone costs
  • Reduced manual data entry errors
  • Elimination of data rekeying through integration
  • More rapid recognition of potential errors
  • Automated confirmation of document receipt
  • Minimization of chargebacks
  • Reduced document processing time
  • More efficient use of personnel
  • Strengthened relationships with valuable business partners
  • Increased possibility of achieving Preferred Vendor Status
EnterpriseEC extends these benefits to include:
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Interconnectivity with all traditional Value-Added Networks
  • Lower cost of processing electronic transactions
  • Activity Summary and Detail Reports by date range
  • Extensive document search capabilities
  • Documents viewable in EDI format or HTML format for readability
  • Automated Acknowledgment reconciliation and Overdue Acknowledgment Reports
  • Hosted Data Translation eliminates the need to purchase and maintain translation software
  • Six month online data storage

Please call us at (800) 443-3428 or e-mail for more information on how we can help you.

EnterpriseEC® is a service of Edict Systems, Inc. which has been in the business of providing B2B Electronic Commerce solutions since 1990.  
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